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New Moo Products 


Double sided Mugs - robin/santa hat or mistletoe/lights £8 each

Double Sided Everyday Mugs Lick/Plain £8 each


Single Coasters £3 each or set of 4 for £10


Poly Linen Shopper Bags 14" x 16"  x 7" Handles £15 each

Large Poly Linen Cushion Covers with Zipper 45cm X 45cm £20 each


Adult unisex long sleeve tops £20

S 36/38" chest

M 40" chest

L 42"chest

XL 44" chest

These are red sleeves only and sizes are approximate slightly smaller than specified.


Xmas tree decs £8.50 each

Hat / robin

Mistle / lights


New Moos

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